Use Bookry to create amazing interactive widgets for your Multi-Touch books.

Create your own customized HTML 5 widgets using our simple online generator then drag and drop into iBooks Author. Bookry widgets let you engage, challenge, entertain and interact with your readers like never before. Readers can play games, solve puzzles, draw pictures and save any data they enter into your widgets to the cloud. They can also share their data with others by email,Twitter, Facebook and Evernote.

Bookry is a great place to generate professional, App-like widgets that will add true value to your eBook.....and best of all it’s free!


All your Class Widgets favourites including Slider Puzzle, Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps, and More.


With Bookry widgets you can interact with readers like never before. For example you can get survey results, collect feedback or enquiries.


Use analytics to find out more about your readers, what they are looking at and where they are from. More


Any updates you make can be instantly pushed out to your book to ensure that readers are always kept up to date. More

10 reasons to join Bookry today

  • Quick to join and easy to use
  • Create amazing widgets you won't find anywhere else
  • Intutive tools, impressive results
  • Let readers save & share what they do with Reader Cloud
  • Set up your own BookStore to share free iBA books
  • Customize your BookStore, which can be public or private
  • Free online access to reader analytics
  • Automatic updates pushed out to readers' iPads
  • Real-time widget interaction with 'Rooms'
  • Bring App-quality interaction into your eBooks Take the Tour
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