Select any HTML5 interactive widget from our large free library and customize it using our web-based generator. Then drag and drop it into iBooks Author - simple!

We have a huge number of teachers across the globe using Bookry widgets to add interest to digital textbooks. Why? Bookry is free, easy to use and is the only iBooks Author widget service to let students ‘login’ and ‘logout’ of their digital textbooks to save the share their data and interact with teachers in real-time via the cloud.

Add interactive widgets to your textbooks

Need to add a calculator into your book, or a insert a Vimeo or YouTube video? Add interactive elements to your books with Bookry’s ever expanding library of HTML5 widgets, that are already being used by educators and students around the world. Simply login to Bookry to create your widgets online, then download the widget files to your Mac and drag & drop it into your iBooks Author file – easy! We are constantly launching new widgets and many of them will be specifically for the education sector, like SchoolTube.

Visit our Widgets page now to find your favourite