iTunes Music

Embed iTunes into your book with the iTunes Music widget, allowing your readers to listen to samples and buy in iTunes, straight from within the book.

Often, the same music album will have a different iTunes identifier in different stores, so this widget can hold different albums for each store, and will automatically select the appropriate one for the reader based on their location. No longer will your readers get frustrated by being told they can't buy music after being pointed to the wrong iTunes store for their country!

New Users - How to get this widget now:
  • Click on 'Download this widget'
  • Follow the pop-up window instructions
  • Fill the widgets 'static' and 'live' settings
  • Click on 'Save' and then 'Download'
  • Drag & drop into your iBooks Author page

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Widget Technical Specs
Landscape Orientation Supported
Portrait Orientation Supported
Freeform Size Unsupported
iBooks iPad Supported
iBooks Mac Supported
Requires Internet Yes