No coding to learn or software to download. Create your own HTML 5, App-like interactive widgets for your iBooks Author projects.

Previously brought to you by Class Widgets, our hugely popular widgets are easy to create and fully supported. Use our browser-based author screens to build your widgets step-by-step, then preview, save and download to iBooks Author. The iBooks Store is bursting with Books containing Bookry widgets so why not join them today! More about Widgets

It's so easy to add Bookry widgets to your iBooks Author projects...

1. Create

Choose a widget from the library and use the wizard to customize its settings.

2. Drag & drop

Download the widget file and drag and drop it directly into your open iBooks Author page.

3. Update!

You can update it as many times as you like as readers will always see the latest version in their book.

Growing library of free widgets for iBooks Author currently has 34 widgets for you to customize and download. These fall into 3 main categories: puzzles and games, web services and functional. We are the only provider to offer such a large selection of different widgets for use with iBooks Author and we aim to release at least two new, App-like widgets every month. Adding games, puzzles and rewards to your books, often referred to as gamification, will not only help to reinforce learning in educational books but also encourage readers to finish your titles and return to them again and again.

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Fully customizable widgets, your way!

With Bookry you can create as many widgets as you like and customize them to suit the look and feel of your book by adding backgrounds, uploading images and changing fonts. This means that you can make widgets created with the same generator look completely different! All widgets you create on are managed online and conveniently arranged per book, so that you can easily find them when you want to make updates or view reader analytics for them.

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Server-based widgets with push updates

The world of digital book publishing is evolving rapidly but our widgets are created using HTML 5 which is fully supported by multiple platforms and are perfect for books made with iBooks Author. Furthermore, our widgets are server-based meaning that you can update them remotely and push changes out to live widgets in published books. We also always ensure that our widgets are fully up-to-date and tested on the latest Apple technology.

See how push updates work in a Multi-Touch book made with iBA

Let readers save & load their widget data

The majority of Bookry widgets are Reader Cloud (RC) enabled, which means that readers can save any data that they enter into your book to the cloud. So, if your reader spends time answering a quiz or playing a game, but they want to finish it at a later date, they can simply save it to the cloud and load it another time. Any data saved in a book will always be accessible from their Reader Cloud account and can be loaded onto any iPad. Reader Cloud enabled widgets include Quiz, Share This, Notepad, Form Builder, Maze, Sketchpad and Checklist.

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Sharing by Twitter, Facebook & Evernote

Any Reader Cloud enabled widget lets readers share data they’ve entered into that widget. Current sharing options include email, Facebook, Twitter and Evernote, but we will be adding more soon. Bookry is the only widget provider that lets you connect your books with social sites like these. For example, you can use our ‘Share This’ widget to encourage readers to share bits of your book with others in their network. Readers can also email themselves a drawing they’ve done with Sketchpad or tweet a picture of a Maze they’ve solved. Enabling sharing is optional and is controlled by you in the online generator.

Need Gamification? We've got a winning formula

Using our free, HTML 5 widgets you can engage your readers on every level to reinforce learning, encourage completion of your book and multiple reads. Include ‘sticky’ puzzles like Quiz, Maze and Slider, add Checklists to the end of each chapter, or easily create App quality games such as Drag and Drop and Match Game. Readers can Tweet and Facebook from inside your widgets for viral interaction and soon to be released is our Badges widget that enables readers to earn rewards by completing multiple tasks in a book or across a series of books.

Visit the free widget library to play with some of our widgets

Using our widgets in Education

Many of our widgets, such as Calculator, Notepad, Form Builder and Checklist are perfect for Multi-Touch textbooks. However our flagship widget for education is Quiz Builder. This widget offers many question types including multiple choice/selection, drag to target, fill in the blanks and textbox entry, and we’re adding new question types and features all the time. All data entered into the Quiz Builder widget can be saved by the students and is also automatically submitted to the teacher via Reader Cloud. Quiz Builder is also ‘Rooms’ enabled for classroom participation.

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Learn more about your widgets with analytics

Some widgets can take time to build so wouldn’t it be great to know which widgets are popular and which widgets aren’t? Once logged-in to Bookry, you can view near real-time anonymized statistics on how readers interact with your widgets. Statistics are shown in graphs and tables for each individual widget in your book. You can then use these metrics to change and improve your book and therefore ensure it contains the most relevant content for your readers.

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