Spot The Difference

Another classic game brought right up to date. Upload your own images to create a unique puzzle for your book. Comes with many customizable features that will help make your game memorable and challenging. You can set both a timer and amount of incorrect tries. You can also upload you own images for the background, win, loose and times-up. Great fun!

New Users - How to get this widget now:
  • Click on 'Download this widget'
  • Follow the pop-up window instructions
  • Fill the widgets 'static' and 'live' settings
  • Click on 'Save' and then 'Download'
  • Drag & drop into your iBooks Author page

Watch the YouTube video

Widget Technical Specs
Landscape Orientation Supported
Portrait Orientation Supported
Freeform Size Unsupported
iBooks iPad Supported
iBooks Mac Supported
Requires Internet No