With Bookry you can not only view reader analytics, but see all the data you’ve collected from readers.

Digital publishing opens up the possibilities of iterative improvements to books in a much tighter cycle than traditional publishing. When digital books are coupled with analytics of how readers discover, share, buy and read your books, you can use this information to improve how your books reach and delight your readers.

View data collected from within your book

Some of our widgets allow readers to send data out from your book to be forwarded to you, such as our Quiz, Sketchbook and Feedback widgets. So whether it’s the results of a knowledge test, a sales enquiry or just general feedback, Bookry enables you to start interacting with your readers on a whole new level. The data you collect from your readers’ books can be sent to you in an email, presented through our browser-based author screens, or via integration with the Bookry API.

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Learn more about your readers

By accessing analytics on your book with widgets you can start to build up a profile of your readers. With analytics you can find out:

  • Quantity of readers.
  • Reader country of origin.
  • Reader language.
  • Number of recurring readers.

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Get analytics on your Widget

Multi-touch books are all about the widgets, but widgets can sometimes take time to create. So wouldn't it be useful to find out which widgets are the most popular with your audience to ensure your time is well spent. With our widget analytics you can find out:

  • Which widgets are the most popular in your book and hence which areas.
  • Which are only used once and which are being used again and again.
  • What is the reading pattern of widgets through your book:- linear from page to page, or do your readers jump around.

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