Select any HTML5 interactive widget from our large free library and customize it using our web-based generator. Then drag and drop it into iBooks Author - simple!

We have a huge number of teachers across the globe using Bookry widgets to add interest to digital textbooks. Why? Bookry is free, easy to use and is the only iBooks Author widget service to let students ‘login’ and ‘logout’ of their digital textbooks to save the share their data and interact with teachers in real-time via the cloud.

Add interactive widgets to your textbooks

Need to add a calculator into your book, or a insert a Vimeo or YouTube video? Add interactive elements to your books with Bookry’s ever expanding library of HTML5 widgets, that are already being used by educators and students around the world. Simply login to Bookry to create your widgets online, then download the widget files to your Mac and drag & drop it into your iBooks Author file – easy! We are constantly launching new widgets and many of them will be specifically for the education sector, like SchoolTube.

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Quiz Builder with live data collection

Many of our widgets, such as Notepad, Form Builder and Checklist are perfect for Multi-Touch textbooks. However our flagship widget for education is Quiz Builder. This widget offers many question types including multiple choice/selection, drag to target, fill in the blanks and textbox entry, and we’re adding new question types and features all the time. All data entered into the Quiz Builder widget can be saved by the students and is also automatically submitted to the teacher via Reader Cloud. Quiz Builder is also ‘Rooms’ enabled for classroom participation (see below).

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Let students login & logout of their textbooks

The majority of Bookry widgets are Reader Cloud (RC) enabled, which means that students can save any data that they enter into their books to their RC account. So, if your students spend time answering a quiz or playing a game, but they want to finish it at a later date, they can save it to the cloud and load it another time, even on another iPad. When a student has finished with the book they simply sign-out of RC and their data is deleted from the book. To retrieve it, they just sign-in to RC again. In other words, Reader Cloud lets them ‘login’ and ‘logout’ of their books, which is perfect for schools that don’t have 1-to-1 deployment of iPads.

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Real-time widget data sharing with Rooms

Rooms is a new free service from Bookry that enables groups of readers to come together in the cloud to view and interact with digital book widgets at the same time. For example, from within a book widget a teacher can create a room for a particular lesson and invite students to join that room (physically or virtually). Once in the room all participants can progress through the widget together in real-time with students entering data as they go, and the teacher viewing all room data via an organizer Dashboard in the iPad widget itself. Rooms is free to use for teachers and classrooms; we will be introducing some advanced paid services for schools to manage and get the most out of Rooms.

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Perfect for collaborative working on Books

Sharing Multi-Touch books created using iBooks Author can be difficult due to their large file size. So that’s why we let users create their own BookStore on to upload and share free books with others. For example as a business you may wish to build up a private Book Store for your colleagues only. Or, as an educator of textbooks you may wish to create an open BookStore for your school. Simply upload your .iba files to Bookry and place them in your BookStore. Then share the link to your book for others to download. Easy!

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Integrate with iTunes U and your LMS

Embed the Bookry portal page for your book into iTunes U and give students an instant view of the data they’ve created and submitted using the widgets in your book. It also provides one-click access to all the submitted data from students on your course, such as quiz answers, feedback and suggestions, or poll surveys. Through our open API you can also plug this data into your existing Learning Management System (LMS) such as Moodle or others, or integrate it into bespoke systems.

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Learn more about your widgets with analytics

Wouldn't it be great if you knew more about how your students interact with their textbooks? With Bookry analytics you can view near real-time statistics on their widget activities. Find out how many times they read your book, which widgets they liked and which ones they didn't, and how long they spent on your book. Then use these metrics to change and improve your book to ensure it contains the most relevant content for your readers.

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