It's not very often that readers get the opportunity to engage with you as an author, but this widget opens up a dialogue between the two. For example, you could add just the one feedback widget towards the end of the book, or add one after every chapter. This can be a great way to find out which parts of your book stand out and which parts need more work.

The widget works by opening up a feedback form inside the book, and you can ask for the reader's email address if you want to reply directly. You don't need to publish your e-mail address as Bookry handles everything for you and all replies can be viewed on your Book's settings page on Bookry.

New Users - How to get this widget now:
  • Click on 'Download this widget'
  • Follow the pop-up window instructions
  • Fill the widgets 'static' and 'live' settings
  • Click on 'Save' and then 'Download'
  • Drag & drop into your iBooks Author page

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Widget Technical Specs
Landscape Orientation Supported
Portrait Orientation Supported
Freeform Size Unsupported
iBooks iPad Supported
iBooks Mac Supported
Requires Internet Yes