iBA Conversion

New automated file conversion tools for publishers that make Multi-Touch eBooks a profitable proposition.

Apple’s iBooks Author is the best software for creating interactive Multi-Touch books for the iPad. iBooks Author now supports importing InDesign files directly, enabling publishers to quickly create digital books with amazing interactive content.

InDesign to iBA file conversion

This takes out a lot of the manual work and allows you to focus on adding enhanced interactive features that will make your content ideally suited for the iPad and the iBookstore.

The import process can inculde the convertion of text, media and graphics as well as paragraph and character styles. After importing, these are converted into an editable format allowing you to refine and optimise the content and layout to best suite the iBooks experience.

Enhance with custom interactivity

Many publishers choose to add further interactivity to their books by selecting widgets from our library. All our widgets are fully customizable to suit the genre and style of your book. They include: Quiz Builder, Checklist, Notepad, YouTube, Twitter, PDF Viewer, Sketchpad and Google Maps. Many of our widgets are connected to the cloud so that your readers can save any data they enter into them, retrieve that data at anytime and share it with others via email or social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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